Egypt’s sustainable development threatened by Ethiopian dam

It is a travesty that in the 21st century the construction of a mega-hydropower-generation project, the Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) has been underway for over seven years without an independent, comprehensive transboundary Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) conducted first.

How Trump’s pullout from the nuclear deal will affect Iran’s energy industry

Here are several short-term and long-term consequences for Iran's energy sector from the U.S. about-face on the nuclear deal.

Hamas supports Gaza’s protest movement—and that’s good

The U.S. has for years demanded Hamas give up its armed struggle, and now the Trump administration is admonishing the group for supporting a nonviolent protest movement.

Jordan softening stand on Syrian regime

For Amman, the ideal solution in Syria would be to reach an agreement with Damascus where moderate rebel groups would strike reconciliation deals that would allow a peaceful takeover by the Syrian army of the borders with Jordan.

The specter of war between Saudi Arabia and Iran

A war between Iran and Saudi Arabia is more likely today than ever before. This policy paper explores potential war scenarios between the two Middle Eastern rivals.